Dino Agbayani – Living the Life of a Traveler

Dino Agbayani is known for his dedication to his career and the ability to live life to his utmost potential. He understands what it means to follow one’s passions in life and he has followed his dreams since the beginning. He currently lives with his wife in a permanent residence on the island of Oahu, the third largest island that makes up the state of Hawaii. When he isn’t at his home spending time on the beach or in the water, he is traveling from country to country in search of the next great story that will set his travel essays apart from the rest. He has always loved to travel and ever since he visited Hawaii for the first time as a high school student, he knew he wanted to make traveling a part of his career. Dino traveled to Honolulu for a college visit late in his high school career. Since the moment he arrived on the island, he felt immediately submersed in a rich and timeless culture that seemed new and exciting around every turn. In an attempt to make this feeling last, he decided to pursue a career as a journalist so that he could one day travel around the world experiencing new cultures and portraying them to a large audience.

Dino Agbayani thoroughly enjoys being a travel writer who gets to spread his joy for other cultures to publications all around the world. He literally has fans that exist on every continent due to his adventurous exploits and his ability to produce them on the page. However, Dino Agbayani loves his home in Hawaii even more than he loves the feeling of traveling to a new place. Ever since he arrived there for his college education at the University of Hawaii, he has never grown tired of the rich and vibrant culture. Even now, he can be found surfing big waves on the north shore of his home island of Oahu, and he enjoys watching the professionals in competitions from what is practically his own back yard.




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