Traveling Man, Dino Agbayani

Dino Agbayani is a professional journalist that has been published in media around the world. He is often that journalist who gets into each of his stories and since he has an international aspect to the things that he writes about, he travels all the time. He studied at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, where he graduated and began his trek towards his career. Over the years in the business he has traveled to such exotic destinations such as South Africa, Asia and the North Pole. It is not always about work as he does enjoy taking in some sites and opportunities when he gets to new locations.

Dino Agbayani also is quite fond of traveling on his own time as well. Some of his favorite destinations include France, Spain and Italy. He enjoys seeing the culture and traditions of countries around the world and is a big fan of international cuisine. Whenever he gets out to a new territory he is sure to try and find a way to assimilate as much as possible and taking in the cuisine of a foreign land is one of the best ways that he can think of getting a taste of what that place is all about. There are many interesting ways to travel including air travel, train, and travel by sea and he has done all of those at one time or another. He is a major advocate of international relations and building a more connected world. The more he sees the culture of destinations around the world, the more he gets to know about his own.


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